From high profile brand campaigns and activations, to employer branding, product launches, demand generation content, and an IPO Roadshow video there are no dull moments running SurveyMonkey’s inhouse video studio.

Where the Curious Come to Grow

This award winning video is a 4-minute-long journey through what it actually feels like to be an employee at SurveyMonkey. It describes in vivid color and personal details the workplace culture seen through the lens of a diverse set of experiences and people.

SurveyMonkey 20-Year Brand Anthem

It was a tremendous honor to direct and help shape SurveyMonkey’s first and only brand anthem video. We crafted a special celebratory rally cry to illustrate how SurveyMonkey drives growth and innovation for organizations of all sizes.

It seemed fitting for SurveyMonkey board member Serena Williams to star and narrate the anthem as like SurveyMonkey, Serena is curious, driven, and committed to helping all voices be heard. Stylistically, we made a deliberate decision to showcase Serena’s entrepreneurial side. As an activist, marketer, brand builder, and greatest athlete of our time, Serena is a winner on and off the court.

Be a Hero for Your Business

As a market leader in the survey sector, SurveyMonkey is a beloved and well known brand. We were tasked with the goal shifting brand perception and establishing credibility with business decision makers and influencers.

To do that, we created a series of simple and compelling videos that depict people in confident power stances alongside messaging that shows how SurveyMonkey enables customers to “Be the Hero” of their organizations. What CEO doesn’t want to be a hero for their customers?

We ran the videos across our paid marketing channels, in United first class airport lounges and in Times Square on the NASDAQ and Reuters towers.

Do you <3 Monday’s

We crafted this story to try and hook the viewer right from the start by showing them straight-up what they want: SUCCESS. The video illustrates how SurveyMonkey can help businesses keep their customers loyal, their employees engaged, and markets interested in their brand for the long haul.

Developing Animation Style for SurveyMonkey

2D or 3D? Matte shaded or gloss? Illustrated characters or abstract conceptual illustration? How much is too playful? How should things ease? These were all things that needed to be defined and refined as I scaled the animation team at SurveyMonkey.

DIY market research: SurveyMonkey Audience

Deploying your first DIY market research project can be a bit of a daunting task. We created this light spirited video to assuage customer concerns and assure them that we have a dedicated team of experts ready to help.

Developing a Style for Customer Stories

Video customer testimonials are incredibly powerful for any brand. They establish a sense of credibility and trust with prospective audiences and help humanize your brand. When I started at SurveyMonkey there was no consistent treatment for telling our customer stories. One of the first things I did was to build a consistent treatment for our customer stories.

Curiosity Chat Series

Many amazing guest speakers visit SurveyMonkey HQ and share their success stories. We built “Curiosity Chats” as a new video series where we host rapid-fire interviews with America’s top business and creative leaders to learn how they channel their curiosity to drive growth and innovation