Why I Design
As a kid, I spent hours drawing, painting and writing stories. It was no surprise that I chose to get my BFA in graphic design. After 4 years of rigorous training in conceptual development, typography, composition and color theory, I decided to pursue a second degree in motion graphic design at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville. 

My solid understanding of design and storytelling has allowed me to help clients market their businesses and services through the compelling medium of video. From directing and producing web-commercials, corporate videos and short-form branded content, to art directing and storyboarding complex motion—my goal to create visually compelling and memorable work. 

What I Adore
A good rainy day · Birthday cake · A Blue Bottle Latte · Super stinky French cheese · Gregory Crewdson  · Audrey the cat 

Contact Me
408.209.28928 | lydia@byairjo.com

Audrey Baillergeau

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